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5 Secret Features of the Galaxy S5 – Unlock the Full Potential Of Your Phone

Samsung Presents New Divice at Mobile World Congress 2014Before the Samsung Galaxy S5 made its debut in the market, there was a lot of speculation on the features that would be included to make it stand out among its competitors. There was a fingerprint scanner for one, a pedometer for another and how can we forget a mention of the waterproof and dust proof features. While these hogged the limelight, the tech giant quietly included other interesting features to enhance functionality. Here, we unravel five hidden features that will help unlock the full potential of your phone. 

  • The Makeshift Stylus – The contents of the box do not include a stylus, but this shouldn’t be a bother because you can use virtually any pen in its place. This is due to the remarkably sensitive touch sensor on the S5. By simply adjusting sensitivity settings, you can happily use a No.2 pencil to control your device. In addition to a standard pencil, you can use a fingernail, a pen or even a gloved finger. To adjust the sensitivity, touch settings > display > increase touch sensitivity (last option on the list) and you’re good to go.

  • Automatic Play-Listing – The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with an array of accessibility features, and automatic play listing is one of them. Doing this is as simple as tilting the device into the landscape mode. It automatically adds follow up songs to your playlist. It does this on the basis of mood, genre and source.

  • The Baby Monitor – If you own the Galaxy S5 and have a baby, you can save the money you were going to spend on the baby monitor and buy yourself a fancy pair of shoes instead! The S5 has a simple in-built monitor that will alert you when it senses the sound of a crying baby. To activate the baby monitor on your phone, touch settings > select the device tab > click accessibility > hearing > baby crying detector. Thus, you can be assured that there is someone to keep a watch on your baby while you tackle other jobs around the house.

  • Private Mode – Have ever you longed for a secret place where you could hide private things on your phone from prying eyes? The Samsung Galaxy S5 has included private mode for enhanced privacy. Here you can password protect a range of private and personal multi-media files – messages, pictures, videos and voice recordings. It’s really easy to do so. In the settings tab, activate private mode. Then set the password; it could be any combination of strings, alphanumeric characters, a PIN, swipe or a fingerprint. Then in the Gallery, you can move files to the Private Folder by touching the menu icon at the upper right corner of the screen, and select move to private.

  • The Hidden Menu Key – The hardware menu button was a characteristic feature at the bottom of all older Samsung Galaxy phones, but this time around Samsung decided to replace it with the recent apps key. However, you can still access the menu button. Here’s how:  Simply hold the recent apps button down. Easy as that.

Six Things The Galaxy Tab S Does The iPad Cant!

galaxy tab 10.5

Samsung has thus far play second fiddle to Apple when it comes to the tablet market, but all that may well be a thing of the past with the introduction of Galaxy Tab 8.4 and 10.5. The Korean manufacturer has aimed high with these new devices, and to say that it has met its own target would be no exaggeration. With 8.4 & 10.5 it would not be wrong to say that Samsung has found its sweet spot and delivers quite an impressive product with some great features that will bring a smiles to its users!

First up, one cannot help but admire the high resolution, Super AMOLED screens Both the 8.4 & 10.5 tablets put out an eye-watering 2560×1600 pixels – WQXGA resolution, no less. This is in turn translates into 360 pixels per inch on the 8.4 and 287 pixels per inch on the 10.5. The internals are noteworthy too, with 3GB of RAM, a storage capacity of 16 GB, an 8 MP rear camera and 2.1 MP front facing camera. These specs may be giving the Apple some serious reasons to worry; even the iPad Air has only 1 GB RAM. With the introduction of these tablets, Android loyalists can finally rejoice for Samsung seems to have produced a worthy rival.

And now for Android users to feel really good about the new kids on the block from Samsung, here is a list of six things that the Galaxy Tab S series can do that iPad’s cant:

  • Both of Samsung’s tablets come with a fingerprint sensor, which is embedded in the home button. This means that you can use your fingerprint to verify purchases, rather than typing in a password to make a purchase.
  • These tabs boast of a multi window mode. You can therefore open two apps together and run them simultaneously on the screen without interruption.
  • These tabs come loaded with a side sync feature. If you own a Galaxy S4, S5 or Note 3 you can control it with your tab and transfer files really easily. If you are in one room working on your tab, you need not bother about running to get your phone from the next room! When your phone  rings you can answer the call on your tab.
  • The Galaxy Tab S can easily adjust things such as sharpness, contrast and colour depending on what you are doing on it. For instance if you are reading an eBook and then decide to watch a movie, your tab will automatically change the display settings!
  • There are a whole bunch of quick setting options on these tabs. You can access these by simply swiping down. Apple does have a similar swiping up option too, but the options offered by Samsung offers are much more.
  • These tabs come equipped with a kids mode too. Not only is the user interface much more kid friendly as compared to the previous Samsung products, you can rest easy with lots of additional parental controls.

One can easily argue that there are a lot of other Android tabs out there, but if you are a true blue Samsung loyalist you would know that never before has there been a product that has been manufactured to take on the iPad by then horns! Whether it stands the test of time will depend greatly on Apple’s next iPad. We can only wait and watch!

Galaxy S5 Display – More Than Meets The Eye

Samsung S5
One thing that sets the Samsung Galaxy S5 that sets it apart from its predecessor is its superior display. Following the official launch of the S5, initial reviews seemed to suggest that the newly launched phone basically had the same display as the Samsung Galaxy S4; the only differentiating feature that it was a little bigger. However, following more detailed tests based on parameters set out by Displaymate, it has now been proved that the S5 sports the king of all smartphone displays!

What’s different?

When it comes to the best performing display, the Korean manufacturer has moved beyond mundane things such as screen size, resolution and pixels per inch. Here’s what differentiates the Samsung Galaxy S5 from the rest of the clan—With its 1920×1080 full resolution in HD and 432 ppi, the Galaxy S5′s resolution is higher than what can be resolved with a normal vision. The display is therefore perfectly sharp and there is literally no going better than this when it comes to visual performance.

Also with the Samsung Galaxy S5, the manufacturer has focussed on things such as screen reflection – the S5 deals with light very well when the ambient light is high, power efficiency of the display, viewing angles and the battery running time. This thinking beyond the mere technical aspect to actually make the viewing experience better for the user is what has worked as a key differentiator for the Samsung S5.

The extra mile

It is clear that Samsung have worked hard on creating a superior screen. The S5 boasts the latest OLED screen technology; and it’s a significant improvement from the OLED display used on the Galaxy Note 3 and the S4, both of which were launched in 2013. The fact that OLEDS have become a prime component of the display segment of the mobile market is now evident and with the S5 – Samsung has proved yet again that it remains ahead of the curve.

The “Adapt Display Mode” of the Samsung Galaxy S5 also deserves a special mention. Through this the mode, adaptive processing is used real time to adjust anything from videos to images. Things such as colour gamut, colour saturation, white point and the likes are automatically taken care of. The other clincher is the high ambience light viewing which does not impact the image in high reflected light.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the only smartphone thus far to have earned the distinction of the best display ever – so if you are thinking of a reason to upgrade, here is a very good one!

Samsung S5 Zoom In The Offing?

Barely had the flagship Samsung Galaxy S5 been unveiled that the Korean electronics manufacturer is once again playing its cards close to its chest! This time it’s about the hybrid variant of the S5 (half camera- half smart phone) – the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom. Just like it did with the launch of the S4, Samsung are allegedly preparing to launch this hybrid zoom variant very soon after the S5 comes to market.

Galaxy S5 Zoom Specs

Possible spec sheet for the Galaxy S5 Zoom ?

The Specifications

Although there has been no official announcement from Samsung, there are still convenient leaks a-plenty. This time, benchmarking site seems to have the benchmarks for a phone that is very similar to the Galaxy S5, with a device code of SM-C115. There is enough reason to believe that it is the S5 zoom as not only does the phone have similar specs to the S5, the device code bears a striking resemblance to the Galaxy S4 Zoom’s device code – SM-C1010.

According to, the features of what is being touted as the successor of the S4 Zoom are pretty cool.  Firstly, it comes with a 4.8”, 1280 x 720 HD display. The most obvious and attractive feature is the camera which is 20 MP (5184 x 3888 sensor resolution), a front facing shooter of 2MP, that is capable of video recording at 1080p. The other noteworthy specifications are of the processor; this device houses a Samsung Exynos 5 Hexa processor. It also sports an ARM-Mali T624 graphics card, 2gb of RAM and extra storage capacity. This is indicative of the fact that a memory card slot is likely to be present too. The device will run on the Android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system.

Drawing Comparisons

For those who are comparing it with the S4 zoom, the S5 zoom certainly seems to be an improvement. Consider some of the comparables to get a perception of what the S5 Zoom might have on offer. The S4 Zoom has a 16 MP camera with a sensor resolution of 540 x 960. The display is 4.3” and it has 1 GB of RAM, 8GB storage and a micro SD slot. What caught the eye with the S4 Zoom was its impressive 10 x optical zoom – a feature that is expected to be at least replicated in the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom.

However, if Samsung are expecting a commercial success of the Samsung S5 zoom, it may want to work towards shaving off some of the bulk that accompanied the S4 Zoom. Shall we say the S4 Zoom was a somewhat hefty as a point and shoot camera.

Although this is a phone that will not likely to cut much ice with those looking for a lightweight and slim smartphone, it will definitely be a big attraction for the amateur photographer who look for photo ops everywhere and are unable to carry big bulky SLRs all the time. So, those with a passion for photography who also want a cool smartphone, the Samsung S5 Zoom may just offer enough reasons to be excited about!

Samsung Galaxy S5 – A No-nonsense Smartphone


The eagerly awaited smartphone from the house of Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S5, was finally unveiled at the 2014 Mobile World Congress amid great fanfare and excitement. True to what rumours had suggested, the Galaxy S5 very much conveys the “back-to basics” strategy of the manufacturer loud and clear. To put it simply, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a definite improvement over the Galaxy S4, featuring subtle tweaks and fewer frills.

Small but strong Improvements

The improvements over S4 are rather understated, so if you are expecting big bang changes in this smartphone, you will be disappointed. However, if you want to upgrade to a phone that has a better camera, a faster processor, a more vivid screen and a solid design that feels good in your hands, the Samsung Galaxy S5 delivers all of that and much more.

More “death-proof” than its predecessor

The major addition to the improving spec of the S5 is another confirmation of a previously floated rumour – the S5 is indeed dust and waterproof. The phone will remain completely dry (and remain in full working order) even if it is submerged in water at a depth of 1 metre for up to half an hour – although we wouldn’t try this at home!


The other new major feature of the Galaxy S5 is its fingerprint scanner. Rumours suggested that Samsung was to launch its flagship product with said scanner, but experts were sceptical as there were some suggestions that Samsung had not perfected the technology just yet. But the S5 indeed does come with a fingerprint scanner, which has quite nailed it, but unlike Apple, you still have to press the home button to wake the phone.

Accessorise with the S5

Fitness enthusiasts will also be excited to know that the manufacturer has integrated new fitness technology with the S5. This phone comes with a heart rate sensor on its rear. To take your heart rate, simply press your finger on it to get an accurate pulse reading. Apparently this feature will integrate with apps to give you an indication on how your fitness levels are. The S5 also gives you the facility to track your calories.

Analysts concur that though this will be a great marketing point for the makers, in all honesty it may not be as helpful as it is being touted to be, more of a marketing ploy.

Incremental improvements

The new features notwithstanding, the other improvement that deserves a mention is Samsung Galaxy S5’s camera. It’s got an autofocus that is superfast and can capture any picture in 0.3 seconds. The other great feature is real time HDR. This is meant to give you a representation of what your picture will come out to be in high dynamic range. It also has a feature called the selective auto focus that will let you alter the focus after the shot has been captured. The result is that you get professional quality pictures.

Priced at $650/AUS$700 around the world, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is certainly an improvement over its predecessor. Sure, there are no big bang changes, but that’s exactly the point – it’s a strong and steady incremental upgrade. True to what rumours had suggested, Samsung has gone back to basics for this one and has come out with a solid phone, stripping it of (most) unnecessary gimmicks. That’s more than enough reason for this phone to be yet another successful Galaxy iteration.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Likely To Be Waterproof And Dustproof

S5Ever dropped your smartphone down the toilet? Those of us that have know it can be a costly experience. Help may be at hand, however. According to the latest rumour, the Samsung Galaxy S5 could not only be waterproof, but dust proof as well. According to “Korean sources” – (who have seldom been proved wrong) – Samsung is certainly on the path of making the Galaxy S5 2014′s rugged smartphone of choice.

If this rumour turns out to be true, the S5 would be closer in design to some of the other high-end Android-based handsets, such as the Sony’s Xperia Z1S. Incidentally, it is Sony who first launched this kind of ruggedized, high-end smartphone, and it is Samsung will be taking a leaf out of its book.

Why Is Samsung making a change?

News reports and rumours suggest that this strategy of Samsung making the S5 rugged stems from two main reasons. Firstly, the outdoor friendly Galaxy S4 Active has received a response that was far more overwhelming than the manufacturers had expected. This has been a compelling enough reason for them to take another look at the design aspect of the S5, which may not have been the original plan. Analysts further suggest that if this rumour were to be true, Samsung will be able to cast off its image as being a “less than premium” phone; the idea that is sometimes floated by its competitors.


The same rumour source also points towards the possibility of Samsung implementing the fingerprint recognition technology in the Galaxy S5. This means, in order to unlock the Galaxy S5, one would have to swipe the Home button. Those who are familiar with the iPhone would know that Samsung is deliberately trying to keep a subtle difference from the iPhone 5S, where one has to press their finger on the home button in order to unlock the screen. Samsung on its part continues to play its cards too close to their chest and have even gone to the extent of making a statement stating there has never been any “official statement” on their part that confirms they may be using this technology in their latest product offering.

Whatever the case may be, Technology and fans of Samsung across the world are waiting with bated breath as the day for the revelation of the Samsung Galaxy S5 inches closer. It is expected that this brand new phone will be officially revealed at the Samsung “Unpacked 5” event that is to be a part of the Mobile World Congress. This event will be held in Barcelona, Spain on the 24th of February. All rumours and speculations about the Samsung S5 are expected to be put to rest on this very day.

Unpacked 5 – Samsung back-to-basics?

SamsungFor the gadget freak it is common to be on the lookout for the latest smartphone and tablet news. One such device that is being eagerly searched for about now is the latest offering from the house of Samsung. Yes, you guessed right – we are indeed talking about the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The rumoured features of the Galaxy S5 – expected to hit the market later this year – has created quite a buzz. Both its expected hardware and software features are being discussed almost on a daily basis by gadget gurus. The manufacturer, for its part, has not confirmed a single rumour, but continues to drop hints about the features of its latest Smartphone. This has quite successfully added to the anticipation for the Unpacked 5 event that is to be held in Barcelona, Spain, at the end of February.

A recent blog post from Samsung reveals that the best known Smartphone manufacturer in the world is realising the importance of keeping it simple, as users want phones that are functional and not overtly complex. The Galaxy S5 Smartphone is therefore expected to have a much simpler user interface with icons that are flatter an uncluttered.

As the launch date of Galaxy 5 inches closer, it is becoming more evident that the new simple icons that are being emphasised by Samsung could well be a part of the flagship product. Rather cleverly indeed, these icons have been used as a part of the invitation for the Samsung Unpacked 5 event, which is now doing the rounds.

New Interface

While there seems be to be little doubt about the fact this phone will very much continue to run on the Android Platform, there have been numerous speculations about how much of a pure Android phone it will still remain. Some tech news sites seem to have the opinion that the TouchWiz interface that had so far been used in the Galaxy phones could now be replaced by “Magazine UX”. This is a feature that has been a part of the Samsung’s new range of Pro Tablets.

Some trusted sources that have so far been spot on with predictions on the latest features of Smartphones and tablets seem to suggest that the icons in the Samsung’s Galaxy S5 will adorn the magazine UX interface. For those who are not aware, this Magazine UX interface is an interface that is similar to that of a Windows phone. What is also interesting is the possible inclusions of icons labelled “outdoor” and “fitness”. It seems as though Samsung is preparing grounds to have apps that can be directly linked to its wearable devices, such as the Galaxy Gear Smart watch as well as Bluetooth. It is also been expected that these additional accessories sold with the Galaxy phone may also get a facelift, and will be more suitable to the Galaxy S5.

As always, Samsung has not even confirmed that the Galaxy S5 will be unveiled at the unpacked 5 event. However, if the tech news rumour mongers are to be believed, that is exactly the strategy of Samsung, to create a mystery around the obvious!

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Will It Stack Up?

2013 proved quite an eventful one on the smartphone front, with mobile phone manufacturers producing some top notch devices that truly justified their “smartphone” tag. Samsung’s Galaxy S4, for example, earned plaudits for its powerful performance and superior features. However, even before it could garner its share of the spotlight, the market was abuzz with talks about its sibling – the Galaxy S5.

The Galaxy S5 – Samsung’s 2014 Flagship device – is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. Over the past few months, there has been a real din of speculation about its potential features and design. As the South Korean conglomerate continues to remain tightlipped (over its design features AND launch date), we can do nothing but rely on the sketchy details and rumor that may or may not be true. So, here’s a short teaser of what’s in and what’s expected. Take a look.

Metal or Plastic – No, Metal and Plastic

On its own, there doesn’t seem to be anything majorly wrong with the shiny, polycarbonate chassis used with the Galaxy S range so far, but it surely pales in comparison to the sturdy and classy build of an iPhone. Despite repeated requests from customers, Samsung continued to use polycarbonate casings for its smartphone; the only update “metal trimmings” around the sides. If the latest rumors are to be believed, Samsung will finally walk down Apple’s route by producing a metal and plastic version of the device – so potentially no more ‘cheap and plasticy’ complaints.

Rounded corners are a characteristic that feature quite a bit in the Samsung Galaxy S range. The fifth flagship iteration will likely again ditch the rounded corners for squarer shape. Also, it’s going to be flat and not curved like the LG G Flex and Galaxy Round.

Processor – A 64- Bit affair?

Samsung has always attempted to rub shoulders with Apple, and it is trying to do the same again. The first rumor hinted at a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.5 GHz. It was later corrected to either Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 or even Samsung’s own eight-core 64 bit Exynos 6 CPU.

Display – 5.2 inch, 2K resolution

The Galaxy S4 had rave reviews for its screen quality; it was regarded as the best so far on any Smartphone. However, the manufacturer intends to kick it up for sharper images and better colors. The S5 will likely feature a 5.25 inch screen with 2560×1440 resolution and 560ppi pixel density.

The Galaxy S5 - Comes with a 2K resolution screen?

2K HD Screen? The Galaxy S5

Camera – 16 MP or 13 MP

First, it was supposed to be a rear facing 13 MP camera. It soon became a 16MP camera with hardware-based Optical Image Stabilization.

O/S – KitKat?

We hope to see Android’s 4.4 KitKat, Google’s latest version of its mobile platform packed in the Samsung’s S5.

Other Features

This time around Samsung has decided to trump Apple on all grounds. In addition to creating an all-metal cover, it has also decided to include something as powerful as the Touch ID sensor that ships with iPhone’s 5S. The S5 is expected to have a fingerprint scanner. The device was earlier rumored to have a retina scanner; however, designers state that inclusion of the scanner will necessitate the inclusion of 3 cameras. This will make the design bulkier, so is not likely.

If the Galaxy S5 ships with even half of the features mentioned above, it will force Apple and HTC to really pull up their socks. Hopefully we won’t have to wait for too much longer, with 23rd February 2014 the reported launch date!

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumour Round Up – Release Date and Specs

Galaxy S5 Concept Art

Galaxy S5 Concept Art

Next April it will have been a year since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 – without a doubt one of the most popular mobile phones of 2013. How time flies.

In just the first two months of launch, the Galaxy S4 managed to shift over 20 million units around the globe. This is a phenomenal figure. Now obviously Samsung has made some serious wonga out of the Galaxy series of smartphones. This means that they are highly likely readying up to announce their next cash cow in the Galaxy range – the S5. In fact, based on the rumours currently flying around, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a Samsung executive purposely leaking information. After all, there is no better way to kick-start a marketing plan for a smartphone then to start spreading rumours about it!

The Rumours

Now, I must stress that these rumours are exactly that – just rumours. There are a lot of them out there – some of these are sensible and others not quite as much. On this page I want to run you through the rumours which seem to have some sort of basis in reality.

Let’s start with the release date. As I said, April 2014 will have been a whole year since the launch of the S4. A year is a long time in the world of technology. Many people who snapped up an S4 around this time will be coming to the end of their contracts. It therefore only seems right to launch the S5 around April again so that those Samsung fans can once again snap up the new variant of their beloved Galaxy series. It is understood that the Galaxy Gear 2 will be launching around this time too, so it makes perfect sense to have two new products out in the market place at the same time. Generally speaking, Samsung release their products on the last Friday of the month. So, my guess for the UK launch is the 25th April 2014 – you heard it here first.


Specifications for the S5 are something which are a little bit harder to nail down. This is because there is next to no viable information out there. HOWEVER, we do know that Samsung have a habit of at least matching the specs of the iPhone. In fact, in most cases they try to better them. Shin Jong-Kyun, co-CEO of Samsung confirmed this. He said that the newest phones would be equipped with a 64-Bit Processor from ARM. It is likely that the first phones to launch in 2014 from Samsung towers will be equipped with a multi-core processor designed by ARM. However, there have been reports that later in the year Samsung will also release a version of the S5 based on their own processor specification. This rumour is entirely plausible – in fact, Samsung have already done this with the Galaxy S4. The S4 came with two processor variants – one a Snapdragon based SoC, the other an octo-core Samsung variant.

It should go without saying that the latest version of Android will come installed on the phone. This will be backed up by standard features such as a high resolution camera and screen. Both of these will of course be improvements over the S4.

However, given that most of the above is just rumour, it should all be taken with a pinch of salt. Perhaps everything will become clearer on 25th April, 2014!

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